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Pennsylvania Alcohol Highway Safety School (AHSS) for DUI Offendors

AHSS is a mandatory Program for DUI first and second time offenders, and for every person placed on ARD. You can complete this Program using a PC, and at your own pace.

This online Program was developed under the guidance of the Pennsylvania Driving Under the Influence Association ( and meets the requirements set by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

The Program is "pay as you go" using your credit card through a secure payment gateway ( There is an initial enrollment fee of $55 and five education modules of $24 each, for a total of $175.

During each webcast, you may be prompted to answer security questions to validate that you are present; you can't turn on a webcast and walk away. You will select these security questions and provide your answers when you enroll. The Program uses "Soundex codes" so you don't have to be exact when replying to the security questions.

There are pre and post knowledge tests. Complete the pre test after enrolling and the post test when you have completed the modules. Once you have completed this Program you can print your certificate of completion, sign it and forward it to your DUI coordinator.
To get started:

  1. Click the "System Check Out" button to make sure that your PC is properly equipped. Note: Pennsylvania does not require a webcam, ignore Step 2.
  2. Click the "Enroll in the Program" button. You will use the email and password you entered to log in for Program credit.
  3. Use the Shopping cart to pay; First for the enrollment fee and then for each education module.
  4. Use the Log In box on your left to get back into the Program.