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Looking to Do Service - Maybe a 12th Step? Here Is Your Opportunity!

If you're passionate about recovery, we want to speak with you.

Our primary mission is to get addicts/alcoholics into recovery. We do this by providing compelling education and support using web technology; video counseling and video streaming. We're not a fellowship; we reach out to help get sick people well. We think of it as 'early intervention'.

We  want people that:

What You Need to Know About

Our founder is a successful tech entrepreuner that realized he was an alcoholic at 60; Stan checked  into rehab 5 years later. In rehab Stan, realized that recovery is about training people, and families,  to deal with the disease.

"It's all about living with addiction; addiction is never cured". Rather than senior golf, Stan's end game is getting people with addictions well.

 KeepSober also reaches out to help any organization that helps addicts to start recovery. We video stream and provide tech resources to organizations such as FVOR, NCAAD and others.

Introduce Yourself and Your Interests. Stan Will Get Back to You.

Call Stan: (410) 349-0900